The Nairobi Escort Scene

The Nairobi Escort Scene

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Escort service in Nairobi is a bit different from other cities. In Nairobi we have the world famous prostitution in the red light district, focused on the shorter get-togethers and there is the escort scene that is focused on the longer companionships.

Most escort girls in Nairobi have a minimum booking of 1,5 to 2 hours. Even though every agency can set their own regulations and some exceptions may exists. As in most places escort girls in Nairobi tend to decrease their rates when booking for a longer period of time. Simply enquire when making your phone call and the agent will inform you about the rates. When making your booking please keep in mind that (most of the) escort agencies have opening hours between noon and early in the morning.

The most common way to make a booking is by telephone and agents are discreet. No need to worry, everybody understands that discretion is keeping the business running, so everybody is keen on enhancing the discretion at all times. Not to mention, nor the escort girl, nor the escort agency, nor the client has anything to gain by informing others.

Escort Service Nairobi focuses on delivering high quality service to their customers. No weird pimps as you may encounter in other cities around the world. High quality escort girls at fair rates and optimum service level. Nairobi Escorts usually take care of their own transportation and therefore the price you are quoted will include the transportation and will not be a surcharge. Obviously it won’t harm asking when making your booking. Note that the escort girl will ask for the payment up-front. This is not very different from other cities around Europe or even worldwide and seems rather sensible.

Keeping in mind the payment habits it is wise to understand what is included in the rate that you have discussed. Some positions are accepted at a surcharge as well as additional services. If you have anything special in mind, simply discuss it with the escort girl or escort agency. These people are used to answering these questions, so no need to feel awkward.

That’s about it. To sum it up, feel free, browse around, make your booking and enjoy your time in Nairobi!

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